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JEC Vac Solutions Ltd. product range is carefully selected to provide you the benefits of long life, low maintenance and cost effective operation.

Our aim is to provide Dust Free Conveying and Cleaning Solutions bespoke to our customers’ needs and enable them to overcome problems with the generation, control, collection and disposal of dust and spillage whilst reducing downtime and operating costs

Industries we serve include:




Cement and Gypsum,

Power Generation,


Iron and Steel,

Foundries and Forges,

Mining and Quarrying,

In fact, any process industry where dust and spillage may be generated. Contact us now to see how we can help your business,

Cost Effective, Bespoke Solutions for a Dust Free Environment!

Foundry Vacuums

Click Here to view details of JEC Vac Solutions work with leading South Yorkshire Foundry.

Conveying Eductor

Click Here to view details of Solution for replacing worn out rotary valves in silica sand convey systems.




Dust Collection

Bulk Collection